Homeowner's Communication:

Colorado Property Management Services will review, record, and dispatch homeowner service requests as received. Colorado Property Management Services provides a central communication office and mailing address for receiving and processing requests. Homeowners can call, email or use www.e-cpmsinc.com to make requests. We have also designed our website to give board members and home owners information about our company and services to add yet another way to conveniently contact us. We provide an open line of communication during working hours as well as assistance for emergency repair services after-hours.  All calls or messages will be addressed appropriately within a reasonable time. Regular business hours: are 8:30 a.m.-5:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday and 8:30 a.m.-4:00 p.m. on Fridays.  Exception: On or during standard calendar holidays; telephone answering services and assistance for emergency repair services will be available during all hours.  All calls or messages will be addressed appropriately within a reasonable time.


Violation letters - Colorado Property Management Services offers a letter process for handling violations. We realize it’s important not to offend owners and residents, but to obtain their cooperation to adhering to the Covenants and Rules & Regulations. Violation logs are updated and recorded to provide the proper documentation should legal action be necessary to assure compliance.  In addition, with every letter, the description of the issue is defined as well as referenced to the Declarations, Rules & Regulations, or other association policy with the requirements of compliance so the necessary actions can be taken by Homeowners and Residents. 

Responses to inquiries - Communications directed to the Association will be handled by personnel of
Colorado Property Management Services. Our goal is to process all requests within a reasonable time from receipt of the notification.  A work-order will then be issued for routine maintenance items. Any correspondence, which requires a Board decision or contains information the Board should be aware of will be included in the next meeting packet or expedited as applicable. 

Notices or letters - A library of forms will be compiled for each situation as it occurs to make reference and ease of use when and if needed in future cases. Custom letters will be available, but the continued use of form letters will save time, effort and money for re-occurring situations when used to communicate with Homeowners, Residents and Vendors. 

Homeowners/Resident mailings:

We coordinate the mailing of items to Owners and Residents in a matter that disseminates information quickly and accurately.

Records retained:

Records are important; we maintain your files as part of the permanent record for your Association. All records are stored and organized by year. We have computer documents and data files in addition to your paper files, minutes, blue prints, architectural records and financial information as provided or accumulated.

Information maintained includes:

Project information on buildings, financial, insurance, landscape, legal, and management
Board and Homeowners lists
Maintenance schedule and Reserve Study
Policies, Minutes
Budget, Financials
Insurance coverage’s and policies
Contracts and Vendor lists


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