Monthly Board Meetings:

Colorado Property Management Services organizes and contributes to your meetings by providing advice, information, and guidance to your Board of Directors. We will provide facilities for your monthly meetings for the Board of Directors, Homeowners, and residents. Our goal is to provide an agenda and meeting packet before the regularly scheduled meetings to give the Board time for review and decision preparation.  We prepare a management report and items needing your attention for discussion, decision and action. We’ll review your financial statements, prepare accurate minutes to present at the next board meeting for final approval by the Board of Directors and then make them available to Homeowners and the public as required by law.  Each quarter we will update the Board of Directors of any industry changes or practices that may benefit each community to more effectively and/or efficiently run each association.

Annual Meetings:

Colorado Property Management Services makes annual meetings easy by preparing the notice and agenda. We assist from start through finish in all processes by working with the Board of Directors in preparing all necessary documentation in an organized fashion for ease of use and reference. Such information may include legal documents, current contracts, insurance policies and minutes. 

Area Walk-through, Site-Visits and Inspections:

We practice effective site inspections or “walk through” visits as often as described. They are critical to insure each community is maintained, protected and enhanced. These inspections give Colorado Property Management Services a chance to actually see what is going on in each community on a regular basis, and ensure work under contract is being performed timely and properly. We also look for any potential issues, problems and address improvements needing to be made, being made or already made. Colorado Property Management Services ensures all vendors are performing their work according to contract, see that ideas for change or improvement are brought forward and processed for presentation to the Board of Directors if applicable. We also review the property rules on regular basis for rules enforcement and needed maintenance. 

Work and Brainstorm Sessions:

Sometimes the regular or annual meetings are not the proper environment for additional responsibilities, discussions and decisions. Colorado Property Management Services offers special meetings through work and brainstorming sessions as requested and needed for those times. This is an opportunity for the Board of Directors to schedule additional private forums to discuss anything not appropriate for discussion at regular or annual meetings. These meetings may include committee meetings, neighborhood and community planning meetings, walk through discussion meetings, and more! Additional meeting attendance or added site visits are available at published rates. 

Maintenance Requests:

Colorado Property Management Services provides an open line of communication during working hours and telephone answering services and assistance for emergency repair services after-hours. All calls or messages will be addressed appropriately within a reasonable time as applicable. 


Colorado Property Management Services is always working with new and established reputable vendors to keep businesses competing fairly for your community’s needs. This insures the best work and rates and guarantees integrity. Because we are continually striving to research and secure new relationships, we are constantly revolving our list of vendors so all work bids are equal and fair. This also allows us to see what other vendors may have missed or unnecessarily added, insuring the right work is done the first time, ultimately saving the association money. Colorado Property Management Services will request bids for all work over your desired amount and submit proposals with your monthly board packets.  Once bids are received and decisions made, we will be responsible for acting on them and following up. 


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